I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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For me, the music in the games I play are almost as important to me as the gameplay. Music adds so much flavor to a game because it can make it easy for me to remember some of my favorite memories with that game. I will never forget all the cool fights from Kingdom Hearts because of Yoko Shimamura’s intense classical score. I will remember the epic scenes that Nobuo Uematsu’s scores gave life to. I will always have Shoji Meguro’s music on my iPhone because his songs are kickass and they remind me of how hard my ass got beat in Shin Megami Tensei 4’s first chapter. I love the music of all these composers, but sometimes I get tired of their music and I want to listen to music from a more obscure composer.

In my search for new video game music, I stumbled upon the music for the “Shadow Hearts” game series and I fell in love instantly. I’ve never heard anything like the fusion of various cultural instruments with heavy industrial sounds that’s the like Shadow Hearts and it just sound so awesome. When ever I listen to the game’s OST, it feels like I’m being shipped to some secret cult ritual that I’m not supposed to see or hear. If you haven’t listened to any of the game’s music, I heavily suggest you check it out because you won’t hear anything else like it.


Yoshitaka Hirota is the man behind the stellar Shadow Hearts ost and looking at his wikipedia page, I’m surprised he hasn’t done more game music because his music is so great. Well I guess that’s a positive thing since it means I won’t have to spend so much time to check out all the games he’s worked on.

What’re some of your favorite obscure video game music composers?

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