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So long as you know how to avoid pitfalls.

There’s been a lot of talk about Octopath Traveler, but one of the biggest gripes I’ve seen people have with the game is the grinding to get to a high enough level to continue the story.


Now, I’m not saying there’s a wrong way to play the game... But there is a super inefficient way to play the game. Here are some (reasonable and unreasonable) tips to keep your party level up!


- Focus on 4 characters. After you get all 8 cvaracters (because why wouldn’t you), focus on a team of 4 and their chapters. That way, you aren’t always rotating the cast to ensure characters stay the same level and can actually... Enjoy the story at a reasonable pace.

- Explore the world and check out those dungeons: Jason Schreier pointed it out in his tips but the dungeons littering the world are extra spots, they aren’t tied to any storylines (other wise they’d be locked). Go in, explore, loot, and level up!

- Explore the world and fight the tougher enemies. Yes, it’s easy to fight the mobs that surround the opening towns, they’re level 11 after all. They also give very little experience. Go a bit further and enter the level 25 areas, even if you’re level 14 or so. It’s riskier, but the experience gains are much better. Why waste an hour in an easy area when you can be challenging yourself (and leveling up quicker) in harder areas?


- Rotate the cast after a chapter 4 is finished. So you’re focusing on 4 characters, they’re level 40 or 45, and you just beat one of their stories. Great, now sub in one of the super weak cast members and do another chapter 4. Yes, you’re bringing in a level 20 (or so) character into a level 45 area, but the experience gains are way higher and the other 3 should be able to handle it mobs.

- Equipment and strategy matter more than levels. Give a level 20 character chapter 4 equipment and they become a glass cannon, use it to your advantage!


Unreasonable methods (aka breaking the game)

- Evasive maneuvers (scholar) + Evil Ward (cleric) = less random encounters and being able to run away, even in level 45 areas. Get these skills, run to the chapter 4 towns, and then do the next step...


- Tressa or Therion looting. When you get to a chapter 4 town with some super great loot? Get it all. Buy it. Steal it. Whatever. Just get it.

- Go Cait hunting. Caits are special monsters that look like cats with a bag of gold. They give a lot of experience. Use an elemental soulstone to destroy them and reap the rewards! This is still heavy grinding though...


The super unreasonable method

- Use Bewildering Grace. It causes a random effect, such as summoning a monster to deal 9999 damage against the enemy, or a fungus that helps the enemy and buffs them. Other effects include silencing the entire party, your items dropping to the floor (can’t use for rest of battle), summoning a Cait, or boosts to EXP or JP (job points for class skills).


It’s the boosts you want. They can be exp/jp x2, x5, x10 or x100. Yes, x100. It is rare, but it happens.

Enjoy the game!

EDIT: Amoracchius has a great tip for farming exp and jp. Check it out. “After beating Olberic and Ophilias’ chapter 4 stories, you can complete two pretty easy follow up side stories that reward accessories that boost EXP and JP gain by 50% each. These stack with the EXP and JP boosting passive skills learned from the Starseer and Warmaster advanced sub jobs. If you can handle it, the Forest of No Return (a danger level 48 area accessible through the northern area of Victors Hollow) is one of the best places to grind for EXP and JP. With the accessories and the passive skills equipped, you get around 1300 EXP and 300-400 JP per encounter. With the proper setup (read: a boosted Sorcerer), it’s possible to one turn almost all of the various encounters.”


Wilksha and Orjo also points out Bewildering Grace can cause explosions at your feet, damaging you. In combination with a rare effect where your hp drops to 1....... He lost a boss battle because of it. Be careful!

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