I'm really feeling it!

Thanks to some short-handedness at work, I once again find myself traveling the barren wastelands of west Texas. I had hoped the time between these extended trips would be longer, but here we are. The silver lining to this dismal stormcloud is that I have fewer things to distract me from my shiny new Switch games. So, this week I plan to finally give Octopath Traveler a proper shot.

Since this game has already gotten plenty of coverage here, I’m going to treat this experience as a sort of experiment. I’ll list off some of my expectations for the game, my hypotheses, and once I’ve played it I’ll see if they were valid. My hypotheses are as follows:

-I will be largely fine with the turn-based combat, but it will enrage me during boss fights.


-I will find the characters to be extremely cliché, but endearing nonetheless.

-At no point will I ever stop being completely blown away by the visuals.

Hopefully in a few days I will write a conclusion to this experiment, and comment on the validity of these statements!

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