I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Hey it me the legend of the tales of the hidden mysterious pants connoisseur bear Novi. This is an special OF in Case Nior is too busy tryna be a proper lad going to go get smarterer and stuff with those academic achievements. So uh its been ages since I did one of these. Last time I was filling in for le Slinky man while he was out broadening his horizons and all that. Uh I did not really have a good topic for today. However because Thursday is my Work Friday let’s talk about your work life balance.


I currently have been cut down to a 32 hour work week. My job did that to stop people from being able to get Overtime because it’s a hefty expense for a 24 hour always operating tech support group. I currently work 4 days a week Mon-Thu. I like my current schedule though. I have been getting 3 day weekends. Friday I can actually go to local Events Saturday I may just chill out or go visit the family, and Sunday has always been a free day for me to prepare for the work week coming up. I mean yeah the pay cut stings a bit but i dont hate myself and have such a high building rage towards customers now.

  • How are you all doing with your schedules?
  • Do you wish you had more time off?
  • I know some of the folks may be done with school for summer time.
  • How are the Parents on TAY dealing with the kids always being around?
  • Are the studious folk taking a summer vacation or powering through with a few college credits?

Don’t wanna think about work? Just talk about whatever then. You should go watch We Bare Bears. shill

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This OF was brought to you by Novi you can find me on Steam owning too many games and saying they are Neat in reviews. Also on Playstation Network also as Novibear. You can look at my abandoned art page here. Shill shill shill

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