I am in soooo much trouble...

So It looks like I missed a week. I feel like I have to point out that I’m not entirely used to running a regular feature, but nevertheless I take full responsibility for my negligence. I do hope that we can keep this project moving, though, since I can the sunk-cost fallacy setting in already...

(...And on the upside, I learned that I can hedge against these kinds of disasters by preparing the thread the week before! So that’s a positive.)

The Mission:

  • Make a game using assets and ideas submitted by the whole TAY community. It’s sort of like an interactive collage, if you think about it. And it will be beautiful.


The Rules:

  • The game nust be made in Gamemaker, or in an engine decided on by the community.
  • A person can submit a single sprite or a script or even music per post. Multiple submissions are allowed, but not in unison. (IE, no double, triple etc posting.)
  • What is made cannot be deleted or changed unless the original creator of the mechanic says so.
  • Raw links to an edited version of the master copy of the game with your added submission are required unless it is a sprite. The master copy is changed to accommodate every new addition.
  • Chaos is welcome, but as always, do not be a troll nor should you be a jerk.

Current Master Copy: None!

Added Things and Ownership:


Little Guy (Sprite) by Grey: http://imgur.com/a/pMnc7#KwuDkT…


Heart Rod (Sprite) by Pink_Zapper_Helmet: http://imgur.com/a/AmMCd


Stony Tileset by Grey: http://imgur.com/YeO50F2


(NEW!) BonnyJohn by Pink_Zapper_Helmet: http://imgur.com/a/LuVIo

Current Star: Collect enough contributions to suss out what this game is even supposed to be about... (Remember that mechanics and story ideas count!)


Stars obtained:

  • None yet. I’ll be adding a neat little star pic for every goal we manage to meet. It’s based on the star system in Super Mario 64.


Total Stars: 00

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