Building Gundam models is good, relaxing fun. And they look awesome as fuck. All the models I've built so far are above - left to right, Heavyarms, Heavyarms Custom, Age-FX, Calamity, Kyrios and Deathscythe.

Heavyarms Custom is probably my favourite. Look at this mean motherfucker!

But my newest one, Calamity, is certainly giving it a run for its money...


Oddly enough, the only Gundam series I've seen are Wing and SEED Destiny (not even the original SEED). I tried watching 00, but it just bored me to fucking tears. I more love Gundams as a concept, since they look damned cool. I'd love to play some of the games too, but it seems like all the best ones never come out here. >:

Anyway, does anyone else buy these things? I know they're somewhat inaccessible if you don't have an anime/hobby shop close to you, but I know a handful of TAY users probably buy those $300 kits. :P