I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Oh Boy! It's that time! COOKING WITH TAY TIME! Cubanos!

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Ok! Very simple! And Nach, I'm sorry. I'm a bit rushed here so a. not a great picture, and B. no pickles on that one and c. sorry.


Bootleg versions:

Spread yellow mustard on both sides of your sliced Italian bread.

Layer on american cheese, deli meats and close your sandwich. Butter both top and bottom.


Grill it up on your stove top or as I did, a George Forman works wonders as a sandwich press. It will take about 1.5 minutes per side, but just use the cheese as a guide, when it's melted, give it another 30s -1 minute to heat the meats

Remove from heat and put your pickles on it.

Pro version:

Same as bootleg more or less.

Cut your Cuban bread pretty thin as it helps to get the heat to the insides that way.


Spread mustard on both sides of the bread, layer swiss cheese, pulled pork/roasted pork (I preheated my pulled pork as I made it on Monday. I'd suggest you do the same), ham

Close sandwich, butter top and bottom. Sandwich press, add pickles and voila!

Vegetarian version:

Press the ever living daylights out of your tofu to get it very very dry.

Grill your tofu with some BBQ sauce marinade

Create your sandwich the same way as everyone else, just sub in the grilled tofu for the pork and the fake deli meat for the ham.



Sorry people, Penny's screaming at me, "DAD GET UP HERE RRIIIGHHT NOW! IM MAD AT YOU!" so I know it's serious :P.


See y'all at movie night.

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