I'm really feeling it!

Oh Look! More Random Questions!

It's so quiet out here, I figured I may as well make some noise, right? Well, you all know the drill. I ask whatever pops into my mind at the moment, and you answer.

I- Who would you place your money on in a fight? A poodle or a couple of bunnies?

II- If you could live in any time period of history, which one would it be and why?


III- Do bananas float?

IV- So, you're walking through a forest when you randomly encounter a man in his mid 20s just about to hang himself. You inquire as to his motives and situation, and he states that he's "tired of life, and doesn't really have much to live for" in a fairly monotonous and collected manner. Do you try to stop him, or let him be?


V- If you were to have a band, what genre would it be, and what would its name be?

VI- So, you're in a completely featureless room, and all that's in it beside yourself is a ballpoint pen and a note that says "He's your best friend. Talk to him". How would you start a conversation?


VII- ⸮sdrawkcab tebahpla eht gnis uoy naC

VIII- What is your favorite condiment?

IX- Is black the absence of colors? Or is it the result of subtractive/additive color mixing?


X- If you could have anybody's voice, or speak in a certain way, who/how would it be?

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