I'm really feeling it!

Oh snap! This is my JAM!

We all have that song from a game. You know the one... That one song that gets you every time you hear. It could either be the theme song, or the battle theme, or even just the town you enter.

I recently dusted off my 3DS (yes, literally) and forgot I had Bravely Default in there. Upon starting it up, I was already in the midst of a boss battle. Then this song came on.

That marriage between violin and electric guitar, the catchy mixture of rock and classical. By far my favorite part of this game has to be the music. Sometimes I found myself sitting there, letting the music play without even choosing my next attack.


Another song that I was reminded of recently was Here's To You from MGSV: Ground Zeroes. After the 30 minute gameplay release of Phantom Pain from E3, I decided to do a few more runs through GZ, and once this song started up, I began humming it instantly. The organ that starts it off, mixed with the hard hitting piano, is absolutely amazing.

So how about you, gang? What are those songs that you love? The ones that hit you every time, without fail?

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