I remember writing on Old TAY about a year ago... I wrote up a big thing about how I thought the future of video gaming would see a strong divide between hardcore gamers, casual gamers, and bro gamers. Though one poll hardly represents ALL hardcore gamers, I think it's fair to say that the PS4 will be the console (note I said console, but I'll get to that) that people who make gaming a passion of theirs will most-likely buy.

Now, my hypothesis about the divide between gaming demographics - in any well-managed workplace, it is generally understood that you're much better off with a select group of highly-specialized people than with a similarly-sized group of people that can do everything somewhat well. This principle is why science works so well, and this principle is why six sigma manufacturing standards exist. Last generation, we began to see a trend of "games for everyone". While we still had our niches, there were a TON of games designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator, for the seemingly sole purpose of getting lots of money, no matter how muddled the end vision.

I thought, then, "Why doesn't the games market cater to specific niches?" I figured the iPad and Wii were for moms, the 360 was for bros, and Steam and PS3 were for hardcore audiences. Obviously, that's not 100% true - PS3 had Get Fit With Mel B and Wii had MadWorld, for example - but now that I've seen the offerings of current-gen consoles... I'm wondering.

In my eyes, the PS4 is designed for the hardest of hardcore gaming. It could just be marketing, but I get the feeling that some key people at Sony are really, really passionate about the world of gaming, just the same as Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla Motors and founder of PayPal) is passionate about electric cars.

The One, on the other hand, is very much designed for the "bro" - it has sports, is has TV, and it has Halo/COD; just the right mix of entertainment between protein shakes, "u mad bro" t-shirts and date rape.

The iPad knows it's played by moms and little brothers, so it caters to them with cheap, easy-to-play games for people who don't know what half the buttons on their converter (aka, remote control) do.

The Wii U confuses me. It feels like it's made for 30-somethings that vaguely remember Mario on the NES.

The PC is a weird device that caters to both the uber-hardcore, mod-making, unshaven degenerates that I deeply respect and adore, but it also has Nancy Drew and Coronation Street games. It's also the must-be place for anyone even remotely interested in off-the-wall batty concept games. It's like the freaking wild west - so much to explore, most of it boring, but the good stuff is 'gasm-worthy.

And then there's the handhelds. I can't remember what I was going to say about them, so I'll sum up my immediate thoughts:
- 3DS is awesome.
- What's a Vita?