I'm really feeling it!

Oh Yea! New Edition Time!

And what was old is new again!

I'd planned on getting the books myself eventually in the future, and probably still will at some point. But one of our longtime group members decided to gift the group a set of the new 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons books! And guess who has been elected to run our first campaign. None other than yours truly.


I'm pretty excited about this, guys. Flipped through the books a good bit last night and saw a lot of really cool new additions like Legendary creatures and the Advantage/Disadvantage rules. It looks like it's sort of a mix of the best features of 3.5 mixed with a few of the things from 4e that did work pretty well. It's been a little while since our group has done any real classic fantasy roleplaying( we've been spending the last year or so bouncing around between super hero games in other tabletop systems, and the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire game).

Already, my mind is racing with ideas. I think it may be time to resurrect a familiar face, and throw a link back to one of our older stories.

Did somebody say Dragotha?


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