I'm really feeling it!

I'm only half joking. It's hard to describe to my friend (some of you may know - Ramen) why I enjoy the Vita. It has games. You play games. You play games on the go. You play games on a train in the rain in the park in the dark. Etc. But he's not interested in mobile gaming and honestly, I play my Vita 90% of the time in my bed.

So why do I love it?

The games are there. Don't listen to the haters who claim they're not. It's been about 3 months now since I bought my Vita. I've got quite a backlog. Uncharted, Persona 3, FF8, Persona 4, The Walking Dead, Soul Sacrifice, Gravity Rush, PS All stars, Little Big Planet, and on and on. These are just games I have either played or have in my backlog. There are others. There's a whole library of PSP games. There's a whole library of PS One and PS 2 games. There is Netflix, there is a Flickr app. There is Wake Up Club.


One of the things that for me sells the Vita is the social aspects. A year ago this feature would be beyond unimportant. But it seems I've made a few comrades here on this little website of ours and playing with them seems an attractive prospect. I never really got it. Being semi - social can be fun. I know. That's pretty pathetic, but hey. Life circumstances and all. I've become, for better or worse, a hermit. Maybe that will change, I hope so, but for now, Vita gaming is as social as I get and you know what? That's pretty good. Because Vita is never not telling you what your friends are doing.

You know what games your friends are buying and playing. You can make comments on their trophies, or mock their 140 score on Soul Sacrifice. You can form a party voice chat similar to google hangouts and have drop in/drop out voice chats. You can use near to discover other Vita owners near you and send and receive in game gifts. Ironically, the biggest social hangup that Vita has is it's awkwardly integrated messaging system and friends list. In my opinion these two need to be more streamlined. But regardless, they work. They function adequately (even if the "invite player to game" seems to be delayed sometimes).

I don't know if the 3DS does this. I'm guessing that Nintendo has really gimped the social aspects based on my prior knowledge of "friend's codes" and lack of voice chat. I understand that those things help to protect those that need to be protected. It's just not for me.

Anyway, why get a Vita? Because the hardware is good, the social aspects of it are near perfection, the games are fun, you can play it in bed, all the cool kids are doing it, it's not that expensive anymore (200$), andddd PS+.


Oh, and don't forget Wake Up Club.

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