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Old habits

Too much...playing...of video games...

I guess this is coincidentally* related to cdax’s article about impulse purchases and buying things despite not needing it, or something. Look, cdax broke his own rule and so did I, that’s what I’m getting at.


Oh my freaking head.

So today was Octopath Traveler release day. Yay. If you’re the least bit interested in the game, check out Jason’s review from the main page because everything he wrote was true. It’s grindy, the stories are super separate with cutscenes only featuring that story’s protagonist despite a party of 8, the battle system is great, and the dialogue is pretty cheesy. Despite it all, when I got home with my copy today, I sat down, cracked it open, and played the game.

And then I kept playing.

And playing.

And playing.

Then I got hungry, so I went to the kitchen to grab some food and “why is it 11 pm?! What the hell!

What time is it now? Oh. Oh ffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

If you’ve been around Kotaku long enough, you probably remember Mike Fahey’s series of posts that detailed his game addiction and how it cost him a lot in his life (it’s a very good read and I highly encourage anyone to read it, or re-read it again). While I was lucky in that I never let things get so far that I’d lose my job, I did spend a lot of time in MMOs much to the detriment of my life. Since then, I’ve tried to pace myself and be more responsible with my gaming time.


Well, apparently to hell to all that because I just spent too much time gaming again. My brain is feeling mushy (but also experiencing a euphoric high), my instant noodles are sitting contently in my stomach (don’t judge), and I should go take a shower but damn it, I need to make a post for the day (as well as write a review for Banana Fish, and check out Grand Blue Dreaming and Happy Sugar Life. Damn I want to check out Happy Sugar Life...).

Maybe it was the hype around the game, or the fact that I’ve been listening to that leaked OST track a bit too much, but dang it Octopath Traveler is fun. It has issues, pretty annoying ones, but for one reason or another it’s charm has won me over.


It might also be that after so many hours of playing I finally figured out a decent team to work with - all RPGs need to have level-up scaling damn it! (characters gain different amounts of experience depending on their level, so lower level characters catch up very quickly).

I thought I got over it, but the game just pulled me in and never let me go. Thank goodness it’s Friday, right? TGIF!!!


Now to take a shower and.........bring....the Switch....to bed? Help.

*coincidences are hogwash. There’s no such thing as a coincidence, the universe isn’t so lazy.


When was the last time you unwittingly marathoned a game? Was it enjoyable? Did you regret it afterwards?

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