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On a silver platter

Being a geek enthusiast sure is hard nowadays.

There are so many options now for how we consume our media. We have 3 different consoles, each with their own exclusives. We have PCs, ever so mightily leading the technological charge for better graphics. Virtual Reality is a thing that has some really great games. And now with the past E3 we have so many new games to look forward to!


Wait, what do you mean we have to wait for those games? What?! Kingdom Hearts 3 is releasing January 19, 2019?! That’s almost a whole year away! No, I don’t want to wait, I want it now!

The thing was teased back in 2013! It’s been years! And of course it’s probably been in Nomura’s mind since KH2 got released, especially after its numerous “spin-offs”! Whaddya mean Nomura was busy working on Versus XIII/XV? Jeez, can’t developers just announce things at a way later date instead of making us fans wait for games that we know are probably coming? How about announcing games just before they get released? It works sometimes! That way we don’t have to keep waiting or get drip fed information, we can just go from announcement straight to buying.

No, I don’t care that game development is a long, arduous process that can have a negative impact on people. I don’t care about how others feel, I just want my game now.

No, confirmation of a game being in development via announcement trailer/teaser doesn’t assuage any of my entitlement. I know certain games are in development, and early confirmations mean nothing if the games are releasing so far off. Confirmation means nothing. Confirmation doesn’t mean we have something concrete to work off of, it doesn’t mean having a sense of a future, who cares about the future if it’s so far away!


And what’s with all this clamor over wanting more representation or diversity in the games industry, much less games? We don’t need to have minority groups involved in game development, we don’t need their input, we don’t need to have greater diversity because it doesn’t mean anything. Don’t people know that the all-white, male teams already have a good idea of what it means to be someone not like them? And women in teams need to stand up for themselves, there’s no risk of getting reprimanded or fired when a complaint is lodged, it’s all a myth! The #MeToo movement doesn’t do anything good, it’s all hogwash. And women in Battlefield 5? That’ll never stay. It’s such a stupid concept, and the backlash against it isn’t real. Having options and letting other players be able to choose to play as a guy or gal is such a bad thing. Plus, women were never on the frontlines during world war 2, what a ridiculous concept.

Don’t even get me started on the anime/idol industry. Idols signed up for the industry, it’s not the fans’ fault if they try to get to know idols better. The idol industry has been like this for years, so if it was such a problem, why is it an issue now? And what’s with all the complaints about there being too much isekai anime, or too much moe? Don’t people want to live out their male power fantasies like me? Don’t they know that only the main guy can get anything done?


The world has always revolved around me. I am the 1%. I am the common man. Only my perspective matters, no one else’s. Only my opinion as a straight, white male, matters. Things should only be made to cater to my taste. Things should only be made for me, and they should be done fast. I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth, and thus I want everything handed to me on a silver platter.


Hey, in case it wasn’t apparent 99% of this was written as poking fun at the sense of entitlement some people feel. If you read any of this and thought “uh...this is true, I do think that” then congratulations, you are a human being with thoughts and feelings. Also I did sprinkle in some truths in there, so it’s not all satire, just 99% satire ;)

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