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On Anime: Does Size Really Matter?

So, I've noticed that a lot of my favorite anime series are no longer than a couple seasons, or stick to an average of 24 episodes, maximum. In my case, that's quite enough content to keep me occupied, since I rarely have time to sit down and watch more than two episodes per day. But I know a lot of people don't feel satisfied with just a meager two seasons, and a good majority demand for more. But, as much as I love certain stories and like certain characters, I never saw an issue with just leaving it as it is.

FLCL is one those series that people loved to death, but left them wanting much more.


Anime is somewhat notorious for presenting unsatisfactory endings, according to some fans. But even if a series ends in a high note, fans plead for more. I can definitely understand why they want more, since I too suffer from "that empty, sad feeling" upon having nothing else to watch. If it becomes a habit, it's a bit tough to just hit the breaks, and stop. But I believe that demanding more, and having disregard for the decisions taken by the creators and developers is a bit unfair. I believe that anime and games can be art, just as movies, music and literature are art forms. Thus, isn't demanding more potentially the same as encroaching upon an artist's creative rights?

I felt Baccano! had a fine ending, plot, rate and overall developed cast. What more could you ask for?

Another common complaint is the use of filler, or the seemingly senseless introduction of new content in lengthy series. I honestly could never get into One Piece. Personal taste issues aside, one of the main reasons why I gave up after the first season was, well, the 500+ episodes it seems to have. It's quite daunting, actually. Since I like to devote my time to a single series at a time, I would never get to watching anything else in at least a year. And it made me wonder "Don't people get bored of this, eventually?". Well, of course not, since it's still being produced. But what I mean to say is, is all of the content in every episode up to date really plot-necessary? If you need to introduce a special arc in the story to "spice" things up a bit in order to keep your audience entertained, perhaps you should consider arriving to a conclusion point. It depends on the series, of course, but one can still get suspicious. I'm sure not everybody thinks this way, but it just seems more efficient, in my opinion. Well, now it's time for your opinions. What does TAY have to say??



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