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On Fire

The icy clutches of the polar vortex are upon us: stabbing our little hibernating gaming hearts in the dreads of the long, molasses crawling days of January. To make matters worse, February is just around the corner. We all know that month is even worse for weather (but here's hoping we all will be spared). The only good thing February may bring is a slew of brand new games. But before we hibernate even further into our rabbit hidey-holes from all that ice, let us gather together for warming thoughts and memories! You know the kind: the fire levels and heat-inducing situations that have forever burnt holes in our minds and made us sweat it out in our hearts.


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These are all the familiar things that make up your fire level: lava (preferably hot and running!), volcanoes, steaming boulders of fire raining upon your trek up the mountainous terrain towards you fire temples. There should also be fireballs (cute, non-threatening faces are a plus but not necessary!) crossing your pathways, or jumping from the hot lava! There should also be lots of shades of oranges and reds. You should feel the heat emanating from that screen as you play.

You will take damage from touching the hot lava but there should also be some solid ground for you to traverse along in the magma. Watch your step! But let's face it, your shoes are made of the sort of material that somehow does a fabulous job of keeping those feet blister free.

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But what about all those fire monsters? Bombs that are unstable! You hit them and they won't explode just yet. Oh no, ticking time bombs, these. And hoo boy, talk about a fiery, ill-tempered jerks! They're so cute though, aren't they? Don't be fooled! They're stressful, is what they are! Will you destroy it in time? Or will you be hit with an explosion so tough it'll endanger your entire party's HP? Playing with fire never rang so true...


Now that you've wandered through the volcano and are safely back in the comforts of your town or village, what's left to do? And where's all that smoke coming from? Either a dragon gots to burninating the countryside, or some villain is trying to fire start your villagers, or possibly (just possibly!) attempting to torch his previously unknown dark history as an abomination of an experiment gone right.

Frantically running here and there, that one lone well is probably not going to prevent your village burning to the ground. But for a moment, the music really got you going into thinking you could have saved everyone. Maybe you even did in some other tale. Somehow. The fast-paced desperate music urged you forward. So much anxiety to get you moving on the double in those notes.


And after that hard day's work, you move back to your house to cook a warm meal. Well hey, you may not want to see fire again but you need to eat, right? You could have just eaten some fruit but what could go wrong? How could your zero starred cooking expertise (or lack thereof) possibly have any negative consequences?

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Ah, nevermind.

  • When are we warming up, TAY? Want to tell me all about your undying, burning love of the flame you hold dear for all things fire in your games? Firaga's better than Blizzaga? It sure is! What other fire memories from music, game levels, monsters or Dhalsim yoga move sets would you like to share?
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  • Hoping all are safe during this crazy weather times.

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