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Being an adult is hard. There are responsibilities to consider that you may not have had as a younger person, such as earning enough money to stay alive. Feeding yourself becomes a priority. If you’re tied up with another individual (my marriage is in three days ahhhhhh), their well-being is also in the mix.

And then there are the pets.

Arielle first adopted Pippin three years ago when he was a little baby kitty. They

he used to be the smollest of oll

bonded immediately, but he was less sure about me. He had a tendency to nip at my heels when I was going to the bathroom in the middle of the night and to eat my food when I wasn’t looking; I had a tendency to push him off the bed when he woke me up and to pointedly ignore him when he meowed for attention. We eventually got used to each other and now we bond over how much we love to sit in the sun and relax.

One hard thing we’ve had to reconcile: that now matter how delicious (apparently) all cables for any of my devices taste, they are not to be chewed upon. He still disagrees with me on that one and I’ve had to remind him several times to GOD DAMN IT STOP EATING THROUGH THE POWER CORD

look at this majestic little son of a gun

Let’s just say if you’re ever offered pet insurance, get it. RadioShack used to (‘member RadioShack?) and it let me replace at least one, maybe two USB cables. I’ve replaced two (two!) Macbook charging cables. Arielle has replaced one. Phone chargers? More than I can count. My Vita cable has bite marks in it, but I’ve been able to prevent him chewing through it completely. So far the 2DS charger hasn’t been of interest; my theory is that the smaller, thinner cord isn’t as much of a challenge so he ignores it for the time being. PS3 and PS4 cables he can take or leave, but he certainly has tasted them. Perhaps he found them wanting.

He hasn’t had the chance to examine the extension cables I picked up for the NES and SNES Classic but I have a feeling that those are just ripe for a nice bite once they’re fully unfurled.

plotting so damn hard

It’s hard to go completely wireless, but Lord knows I would if I could at this point. I love Pip. He loves me. He also loves chewing though expensive electronics cables. We are both vigilant and watchful, sort of like Batman and the Joker; him, for my back to be turned while my phone is charging and me, for that moment when he thinks he’s alone and can indulge his naughtiness. At this point I think it’s more of a game that must be played, a compulsive need to one-up the other in a match of wits and cunning.


That, or I need to invest in those little sleeves you wrap around your TV cables.

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