I'm really feeling it!

Some thoughts.

1. TAY and Ani-Tay are one group.

We have a unique situation of being two connected blogs but it’s still the same people to some extent. Though because there was a sort of split we now essentially grow apart with diffeent readers and writers will show up with different entrances to these spaces. But essentially we’re still one group.


2. Your post gets bumped eventually.

It’s always going to get bumped. It happens, it’s nobody’s fault. If a person is reading the site and doesn’t find your post it stinks, but nothing can really be done about it. It doesn’t matter that you spent a week thinking about it and 2 days writing it just for a low effort post to get that top spot in like 5 minutes, or for Tay Dram to pop up and grab everyone’s attention, it was going to happen eventually.

3. Try and throw a bit of support to others every so often.

I was going to say writers, but sometimes people do things on tay that aren’t really “writing.” Like thank someone for putting in the effort to organize a game night even if you don’t go. We do this stuff cause we can and cause it helps the community a bit. I mean it feels really good to be in the middle of something you helped organize and everyone is having lots of fun, but I know sometimes things don’t work out that way and a bit of support really keeps a person’s spirits up.


4. Talk to anyone.

While you might feel like you’re just a part of a small group or new or old, when you see someone’s post not getting any attention or thier OF post not getting any replies say something. It can mean a lot and it’s easy to forget friendships always start somewhere.


5. Just remember we’re all people.

I know it can be tough online to remember a person is a person at times or to misread a comment as being more negative than they thought (or to see the negativity in in the writer didn’t see) but at least try to be understanding. You don’t have to but we’re all people with entire lives to live full of their own tragedies and triumphs. Tay can seem almost antagonistically positive at times, but it’s way better than the alternative.


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