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On The Other Side of The Screen, It All Looks So Easy...

Fellow Portuguese tech wizard The Arcade Man is about to bring my childhood dream to life... game on, old friend!

It's a secret to everybody that I am kind of a huge TRON nutcase. So when The Arcade Man began posting images of what was clearly a Light Cycle, I kept a curious watch over his updates and now it has been finally revealed: He has been working on a prototype for a Oculus Rift Light Cycle video game! Let's just give some time for the inner child in me take all of that in.


"RiftCycles" is the Unity powered game developed by Overflow Interactive that will make use of The Arcade Man latest project and will début in this years Sapo Codebits. I can't believe no one has ever attempted this before, it seems such a very obvious combination, Oculus Rift and TRON I mean. Wonder if Disney is listening...

You can find more pictures of the cycle being build at RETRO. This one is really messing my Zen thing, man!

*OMAKE* Wow, has it been really 5 years since I made this one? Tempus fugit...

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