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On the Subject of Fallout...

UPDATE: One new question below...

It was fall of 2009. My brother came over to stay a few nights and brought his 360. Immediately, he booted up a game...


“What’s this?” I asked, naively.

“Fallout”, he replied, as an enemy’s head exploded into chunks.

“Oh, ok.” I had no clue about Fallout, the post-apocalyptic, open-world, RPG series everyone is talking about right now. I had read something in Game Informer about how the makers of Oblivion were going to keep the gore or something, something, who-gives-a-shit-not-for-me.

I watched him walk for ten minutes down a broken highway, towards a broken town named after the developers (I thought). Soon, all the action froze completely, as he picked which limb to shoot on a “Raider”.

“This is lame.” I thought to myself.

You’re lame,” said my brother, as I realised I was actually thinking out loud. “This shit is awesome. I can’t help it you have no soul and are merely a husk of a person acting out the motions of a life as an automaton.”


I chalked it up to the few very differing tastes we have in games- I couldn’t get into Onimusha, he never cared for SimCity. Usually we like the same general stuff, but our niches have always been separate.

I assumed Fallout was that.

You know what they say about assumptions.

A couple days later, I started a new game of Fallout 3. He assured me that it just wasn’t a game to watch, but everything would click if I tried it out. So I tried it out.


Everything clicked. I spent MONTHS wandering the ruins of D.C., exploring every town (or so I thought), talking to every NPC. In awe at the stories to be found, both written and circumstantial. Trying to be a smooth-talking, kleptomaniac, hoarding White Knight.

I recoiled in horror after finding out that I, Spillicus Yerbludeon, was a monster for digesting that Strange Meat.


I had dreams inspired by the tension of sneaking through a grocery store.

I savedevery child that asked.

I calmly murdered Alistair Tenpenny, and all who agreed with his views.

I tapped the VATS button every second when I was in the subway.

Fallout 3 could have only immersed me further if I had a head-mounted HDTV instead of an 18” SD tube.


New Vegas...well... There are things I like and things I don’t.

The writing is better. Missions, factions, etc. Everything is better written.

Weapon aiming is better.

Honestly, almost everything is better in NV. But I wasn’t ready for such a well off society. The ruins tell better stories, but something about it was off for me


However, I will say NV is better than 3, all around. But 3... 3 had a better first-time experience.

I truly hope Bethesda lets Obsidian do a Fallout 4.5 this time, too, and it just becomes a thing they do- one East Coast, one West Coast.


But on to Fallout 4


I have a few questions. I won’t have this game for some time, but I’m curious...

How is it?

I don’t want any story deets. But spoil the shit outta the gameplay for me, please.


Is shooting good? Or is it still safer to rely on VATS?

Are there conversations to be had with people beyond quests?

How is the voice acting? Is it MaleShep bland, or FemShep strong? Or in between and just serviceable?


Do you like Dogmeat?

Once you figure it out, is crafting fun? How much freedom do you have? Does building a town mean anything?


Weapon mods, do you like them? Are they worth it?

Companions. Do they have personalities, or just stats?

How do you feel about the new levelling up? Would you have preferred to still have skills?


Do you level up similar to Skyrim (punch alot, get stronger)? Or is it just all perks?

Are there situational stories (ex. in 3, you can find a skeleton in a tub with alcohol and Med-X)?


Most importantly, how RICH is the world?

One new question: How on point was Survivor2299? I’ve been wondering since he knew Bethesda was done enough to announce it (Todd Howard said that if he had his way, they would only announce a game the day before they release it), and his story involved being the Sole Survivor of a Vault that uses Cryogenics. After leaving, the Sole Survivor spots a settlement in the distance. Another part involved two warring factions. How correct is all that? And if you remember any more, how much was false?


Thank you for taking the time to read this. Thank you more if you comment.

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