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One Series to Rule Them All

So I just picked up a fancy new Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD Wii U Limited edition bundle and I am quite pleased with it.

But it got me thinking. What if there was only one game series you could play? Silly, sure, but what if you had cause to limit yourself. Hardcore fanboyism to the nth degree.


For me that series would be the Legend of Zelda. I love other series, but nothing else has ever called out to me like the Legend of Zelda has. Maybe it's based on some deep seeded desire to run off trying to rescue princesses… or maybe it's an extension of some thinly veiled chauvinistic mindset (that men need to protect and put women first). I don't know. I don't much care either. I love the series.

It started with "A Link to the Past." Now I certainly played the original and link's quest, but I was four when the original NES Legend of Zelda came out.

The NES Zeldas were awesome when I went back and played them as an adult, but it was the SNES Zelda that sucked me in and made me a lifelong fan. It had everything! Magic swords, princesses (descendants of sages, sure, but they looked like princesses to me), evil monsters and consequences for your actions! (If you count getting mauled by chickens as a consequence) (Which you clearly should)


Things just got better from there. Ocarina of time had a small world of things to explore. Majora's Mask took everything that was cool with OoT and added a sense of urgency. Wind Waker was just amazing from head to toe…


And everything since then has increased the levels of quality. (Skyward Sword's only snafu was its questionable control scheme, but beyond that the series has just gotten better from the get go)


(I don't mean to neglect the handhelds, but they're almost all clones of a link to the past and thereby awesome.)


The Legend of Zelda is directly responsible for me growing up as a gamer.

So what's your favorite series? What gets your gaming juices flowing?

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