I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Information Update: Night #3

CardCast is the app to make custom cards.

The following is a copy and paste from CardCast to help me copy and paste your suggestions faster or the thing won’t let me save the suggestion, and editing is a bothersome.

An underscore (_) indicates where a response fits into a call. Use up to three.

  • Good: I always say _ makes a great gift.
  • Good: _ is the best thing about _.
  • Good: What makes a great gift? _
  • Bad: What makes a great gift?

Note: just one underscore does it.

Let me know if it's a black(question) card or white(response) by just writing either an W or B before it.
Also don't be afraid to alter others suggestions, I am 100% for discussing, and brain storming to make the deck awesome together. That's what made the original portion so great and fun to come up with.


Of Night #3: Last night was great aside from the technical difficulties, but in all good job, and thanks to all who have been coming around.

So same “In it to win it rules”, will be adding the rest of the expasion. Also we need more suggestion peeps!


So come, have fun, talk about awful stuff, and be marry!

Game link: DEAD


What we come up with so far...

Number of Black cards: 75

Number of White cards: 95


Be aware that we are playing with the timer off, so if you need to go afk, please just leave or your turn won’t end if you never come back, and just re-join when you do.

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