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TAY: Open Forum - Over and Over Again

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GOOOOOOOOD MORNING TAY! Woof... it’s been what? Days? Months? Years? I haven’t hosted one of these in quite a while... Oh lordy, I’m so excited!


In case you’ve been living under a rock and missed it I played seven games in 10 hours or so to raise money for a charity. I don’t want to turn on that PS4 again. Seriously... I’m done with video games.

But enough about that silly marathon... let’s move on to today’s topic!

It’s Monday. Yay...?


Let’s try again...

I’ve been playing a lot of games lately, mostly because I was testing if I could actually do a marathon like the one I did two days ago. If you’ve seen some of those streams you may have noticed that I may be the worst Mega Man player ever.

I honestly.... don’t know what happened there. I used to be good at tough video games. Maybe I’ve become too much of a Nintendo junkie over the past ten years or so and I forgot what a good challenge felt like?


I mean, I still like tough games but they have become a nightmare rather than something I was looking for. Have I lost my mojo, TAY?

Today’s menu:

  • Do you relish a challenge or do you prefer to relax instead?
  • If any, what’s your favorite tough video game? How about easy?
  • Favorite death/continue screen in video games.

Today’s jam is terribly sorry not sorry for existing...

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