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Hello I will be covering for today as Slinker slinks off around the world doing slinky things I suppose. Myself on the other hand have not been doing much, mostly Netflix - I think I may be addicted. I am actually starting to feel less overwhelmed by the amount of content and now working towards the “Seen that, next! Oh thats new! Nope seen it” I am still hopelessly addicted to the service but I am into the numb too its effects stage.


However, enough of my ramblings lets talk.

For today’s questions we have got some basic topics:

- What is your favorite series on Netflix (or really any streaming site):

- If you don’t stream what are you watching on Television these days. January can be boring and a good series can always warm you up.

- If you’re the more literary type reading any good books? A favorite of mine at the moment is The Righteous Mind.

PS: Go Patriots!


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