I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Ive been playing through Sekiro lately and find it incredibly difficult. Coupled with how little the feudal Japan setting interests me and I dunno. Unless something clicks soon, I don’t imagine I’ll end up finishing it. Anyone have any tips or tricks? Parrying guys seems important but with the exception of the mikiri counter on enshen I haven’t really been able to get the timing at all. I gave up on Nioh because of the same reasons. Sekiro is head and shoulders better than Nioh and the Spiderman aspect is what keeps me coming back. Seriously, the verticality in level design is spectacular.

Anyone else ever give up on a game because it was too hard?

Want to let me in on a dark gaming secret you have? Do you use (gasp) guides? Play on *monocle drop* easy? When the going gets tough do you get going .....to save states r us?


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