I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Welcome to the Open Forum, hosted by Kotaku’s reader-run blog, TAY. Feel free to join in the topic discussion, leave a comment about anything or simply check out the other articles on TAY, AniTAY and TAYClassic. If this is your first time on TAY, don’t forget to play the TAYTorial for some sweet guidance.


How’s it rocking TAY? Welcome back to the Forum, where the days are long and the nights are longer and nobody has a watch. As usual, I’m your Thursday host Nior, and I hope y’all are having a dandy week.

Alright so update on the kitten situation: it seems to be mostly resolved. Turns out, one of them actually has an owner and I think that cat went back home. Sure, just use me and throw me away, I’m used to it. The other keeps showing up now and then, but he fears me like the human I am and keeps its distance. I’ll update this story as time progresses.


Now, games! I’m onto my second month of game pass. After finishing The Messenger and Hollow Knight, it just so happens that they got Bloodstained in it! And bloody hell, I missed this style of Igavania! So far I explored 50% of the map and I’m currently stuck trying to figure out how to get the power to go underwater. Also, I’ve spent far more time than I’m willing to admit making Miriam look pretty. Don’t judge me! And speaking of characters, my feed has been infested with people showing off their Code Vein waifus and husbandos. It’s no Black Desert Online, but their customization options seem pretty flexible and I’ve seen some great recreations. I’m still going to wait for a sale on that tho :P

But enough talk! Have questions at you!

  • How’s the week?
  • How do you approach character customization/creation?
  • What game(s) you enjoyed completing 100% the most?

Now go and Talk Amongst Yourselves! And if you feel like talking with some other peeps in real time, why not join the TAY Discord server? We have fun and games and maids. No, seriously.

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