I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Open Forum: An Old Love

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Welcome to the Open Forum, hosted by Kotaku’s reader-run blog, TAY. Feel free to join in the topic discussion, leave a comment about anything or simply check out the other articles on TAY, AniTAY and TAYClassic. If this is your first time on TAY, don’t forget to play the TAYTorial for some sweet guidance.


Welcome back to the Forum everyone, where every episode is a filler and the harem never stops growing. As ever I’m thy host Nior and I hope y’all are having the dandiest of weeks.

Mine has been filled to the brim with math and bullets. Virtual, screen filling bullets that is. I finished my assignments for extra credits in math (and if I never see the word derivative in my life will it have been too soon) and bullets because, well you remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned Zero Ranger? Yeah, I finished that! After 10 or so hours I finally saw that true ending and this love letter to shmups rekindled my love for the genre inside this old cold dead heart. I had forgotten how much fun this is: dodging bullets, destroying giant ships, the crazy but vague plot hidden behind 1 CCs and the music. By the gods, the music!

Music by the legendary Hyakutaro Tsukumo (Thunder Force) and soon to be famous Qwesta (Zero Ranger)

Just... my goodness. If there’s one place where you’ll consistently find banging tunes is the shmup genre, arranged or otherwise. Now if you guys excuse me, I have tunes to rock to and controllers to break. Also, as a small bit of self promo, we be playing Pandemic later tonight on Tabletop Sim, by all means join us!


So questions away!

  • How’s the week?
  • What’s an old game you forgot you love?
  • What was your worst subject back in school? 

Now go and Talk Amongst Yourselves! And if you feel like talking with some other peeps in real time, why not join the TAY Discord server? We have fun and games and maids. No, seriously.

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