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Open Forum: Bad Game Appreciation Day

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Good morniiing TAY. Time to wake up and smell the coffee, turn on the TV and play your favorite bad game ever. I just gt in touch with the National Day Association people and they accepted my submission to make today, February 18, the National Bad Game Appreciation Day.

It’s time to talk about those terrible games that you love or love to hate. I ummm have quite a few on my list. What’s hilarious about my list is that most games were published on SEGA cosoles. A little fun fact about me: I have never owned a Genesis, SEGA CD or Saturn or Dreamcast, so most of these games are not loved for their nostalgic value but for their cringe value.


Nach’s list of favorite bad games:

  • Paper Mario: Sticker Star: I’m the only soul in the who may have finished this game twice. I like its music, okay?!
  • Beauty and the Beast: Roar of the Beast: a licensed game based on the movie Beauty and the Beast, and the only beautiful thing about it is that I can mute my TV.
  • Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker: maaaaaaaaaaan.... Those sick 16-bit super compressed tunes are the best. Also you can transform into a robot and kill all the zombies.
  • Sonic R: Can You Feel the Sunshine?

So TAY, now you know the topic. It’s time for you to answer my questions:

  • What’s your favorite bad game? Why?
  • Is there a game you dislike that is universally loved?
  • Are there any bad games you’re looking forward to play this year?

Today’s song will brighten up your day:

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