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Open Forum: Boom Went The Machine

Literally made this in five minutes

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Gentlemen, I’m heartbroken. It’s with great sadness that I must report that my trusted friend and longtime companion, PC, died yesterday. Well, not really. It was just the power supply that fried because my UPS failed miserably at its one job. So for the time being, my laptop will have to suffice. In fact, I had to make this header real quick because I can’t access the other one I saved on my main PC. Press F for PC :(


Anyway, how are you guys? Hopefully having better luck with technology than me! College finally calmed down and stopped giving me test after test. I still have papers to write but just for today, I’ll take it easy. Outside of that, nothing much happened. Actually no, I had a flat tire just yesterday, although that’s an understatement. It looks more like someone carved a knife on the damn thing, the tire is useless and has to be replaced.

So, ye. Let’s just get right to the questions. Have at you!

I swear Falcom is incapable of making bad music
  • Describe the last game you played in 10 words or less
  • How’s this week treating you?
  • You died and got transported to another world. What world would you absolutely not want to go?

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