I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Open Forum: Can I Die Now? Edition

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You know what sucks, TAY? Looking for an apartment. The past two weeks have been hell, from agents that don’t reply (and then reply when you think you have made a decision on an apartment you visited), scams and fake listings - it’s just terrible. The worst part is thst we found this amazing unit in what could be the best quality/location combo and now I’m stressed thinking about how to write an email to the owner of the apartment to try and negotiate the price down.

If we fail to get that one we have a plan B for a different apartment, but dear grod... We really want our first option to be feasible for us T.T


Ayways... Pardon the rant I think that’s our OF today. But hey I will try to sweeten the deal with a few questions:

  • How are you doing TAY? How was the weekend?
  • What’s the weather like in your corner of the world?
  • I’m hungry... And stressed and I have to go check five more apartments today T.T please tell me a joke.

Today’s jam is... Hrmmm what’s today jam all about?

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