I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Open Forum: City Adventures!

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Last week I spent a fair amount of time away from home, and by “fair amount” I mean the whole damned week. It was a trip that I had planned for quite a while, but one that didn’t materialize until the day before I got on that plane en route to NYC.

Prepare your sweet little heads, TAY, this is a Nach-ramble.

I love NYC, the same way I love many of the other cities I’ve had the pleasure to visit around the world. Maybe it’s the chaos, the adventures, the food or... maybe it’s the great fortune to have friends who are kind enough to welcome me to the city and its surroundings.


To those who have read about my adventures, probably know that I love to wander aimlessly around towns. I use it as an excuse to be the dumb tourist that I’ve always been, but unlike a tourist who usually get lost by mistake while trying to get to one of the city’s many landmarks, I usually have no goal (unless finding food is a goal, but that’s pretty much my mantra). All I want to do is take in as much as I can from the street signs, trash bags, horde of other dumb tourists bumping into each other as I travel the maze-like streets of the city. Unfortunately not a lot of people can keep up with my shenanigans - I don’t blame them, cause last time I tried this I got some friends to follow me around in LA as we bordered Skid Row in order to make our trip shorter- and as a consequence, I’ve learned to make these adventures my own kind of thing.

That desire for adventure was probably nurtured by both video games and the many vacation trips my mom used to plan when I was a smol kid/squid. Which brings us to our topics for the day:

  • What was the last adventure game you played? How was it?
  • Do you usually go for the goal in open world games or do you just decide to wander off in search for your own adventure?
  • What’s your favorite song/band to listen to when exploring IRL?
  • I am hungry... should I eat more doughnuts?

Today’s jam keep me going even when I’m exhausted:

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