I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Open Forum: Connection Failure

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Yesterday I did the unimaginable, not only did I play a mobile game, but I also played a story-driven game. A little back-story here, I don’t play mobile games not named Pokemon Go and stories in video games for me have always been an aftertaste since I usually focus on the gameplay.

Developed by the Australian studio Mountains, led by Ken Wong’s (of Monument Valley fame) desire to break apart from the violence that torments almost every single video game in the world, Florence tells the story of the titular character’s journey through life as a frustrated 25 year old person: work is boring, family nags at you, and why the heck do I have an Instagram account?!


The catch is... Florence (the game, not the person) is devoid of words, every single situation in the game is conveyed through the use of color, shapes and of course, music. The other catch about this particular game is that it contains gameplay. Each chapter in the game advances through the input of the player, by either completing a little puzzle or by following simple screen prompts.

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I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the short story about love and dealing with life and its many twists and turns... and yet I failed to resonate with the game. I appreciate the work and how beautifully crafted the game is, plus it did what I’m sure it was set to do in bringing out memories of previous relationships I’ve had in my life, but I guess I played it at the wrong moment in my life.

Oh well...

For today’s topic let’s answer a few quick questions:

  • Have you ever failed to resonate with a video game, movie, song that everyone seems to love? Which one was it?
  • I’ve been looking for a mobile game to play during my trips on the train but... wow the Google Play Store display sure sucks! Do you have any recommendations?
  • Have you had anything to eat today?

Today’s Jam is brought to you by Kevin Penkin, the composer of Florence:

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