I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Open Forum - December/End of Decade Fatigue Edition

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It is December, there are a lot of great things in December. A ton of religiously significant dates (so time off work for you folks who don’t practice) and parties and celebrations to go along with that. It also includes a lot of work to get ready for these things: cooking, gift giving, exams, travel arrangements, horrible relatives, you know the drill. Plus all... the... lists... I love lists, they’re fun to write and read but this year not only do we have end of year lists we also have end of decade lists.

Which I will be honest are getting old. Mostly because its hard to write a good list when you have 365 days of content let alone ten times that amount. So all that really comes of them are negativity, seriously check out pretty much any list on AVClub right now you’ll see what I mean. As such I tend to tune this things out, I know my favorite films of the year and if I thought about it could make one for the decade too. But its okay, I wont bore you with that.


Sadly for me there are other things on top of all that as well. Professional Exams, now if you thought school exams were annoying wait until you have to take these. They’re... not fun. Self-studying with vague instructions are the worst but I’ll get through. Just its getting tiring, this cold that knocked me out faster than Rocky Balboa is not helping thing.

Here are your suggested topics:

  • Are you guys enjoying the Holiday Season or you stressed, tired, and sick?
  • Games! Which games are on your Christmas list this year! Or have you indulged in any holiday sales and been a little selfish?
  • One nice thing about December is the Arrowverse crossover. Just finished watching Part III of Crisis and I loved it. Anyone else enjoying some Crisis?

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