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Open Forum: Dreaming

Now ain’t that nostalgic...

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I was in a bar, drinking with the new friends I made at college. We’re all having a good time and stuff when suddenly one of the girls I’m drinking with pulls me over to the karaoke. Sure, why not? I start singing and I suck at it so much, I leave the place outta shame. On the way to my car and I find an old friend from middle school. I offer her a ride home since we live close and she accepts. We take a dirt road through a forest and I arrive at her place. And then her mother materializes on the back seat and says: “Welcome to the Forum!”.

Then I woke up at home.

What was all that you ask? Well, it was a dream I had last night, minus the forum part. Or at least I hope it was. The back of my head does indeed hurt a bit but that’s probably a coincidence, right? Well, my concerns about memory loss aside, let’s get back on track, shall we? Welcome to the Forum, where we ask ourselves: “Do human dreams of steampunk sheep?”. As always I’m today’s host Nior and I hope y’all are doing just dandy.


I wasn’t sure how to start today’s Forum since this week all I did was study and study more. I had two tests this week and one of them was Law and let me tell you, this stuff can get technical. I’m writing this just before going to bed (see how much I love you all?), so please forgive me skipping straight to the conclusion this time.

Life is just a dream you know.
  • How’s the week?
  • What’s the strangest dream you can remember?
  • What are your favorite plot twists?

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