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I'm really feeling it!
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Open Forum - End of Generation Thought Edition

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Hello, your temporary guest host Ishamael again covering for Z. Well, with each passing day we move ever closer to the end of the current generation of consoles. Although a few big titles near and dear to my heart are launching in October (Trails of Cold Steel IV: End of Saga) it really does feel like all the big games are behind us. Thankfully Ghost of Tsuchima was amazing and was a great title to help transition out of the generation.

This has got me thinking of things and how much they have changed this generation. The promise of game streaming (that Stadia totally fell flat on) looks to be coming close to being realized by Microsoft. Sony has found its groove with one of the best libraries of first party titles ever made. Nintendo is off... well being Nintendo and getting paid handsomely for it. Publishers even remembered PC gaming is a thing and they buy a LOT of games, mostly don’t even play them.


So with the generation coming to a close I want to get a little nonstalgic with my questions. So my question(s) for you:

  • What consoles did you actually buy this generation. Myself I have a Switch, PS4, and sort of able PC. Also a Vita and 3DS if you count those.
  • Favourite game franchise that debuted this generation. No classics only new stuff! Myself its not a franchise (yet) but might have to be Ghost of Tsuchima.
  • Looking forward to the new consoles?
  • Day one?

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