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I'm really feeling it!
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Open Forum - End of Saga Edition

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Hey... sorry for being a little late. Something came up as I was writing this and it slipped my mind. However, I pushed it out and half an hour late isn’t too bad... Sorry Z. However, if you know me I am a big fan of the Legend of Heroes series and very soon (October) the final game in the Erebonia arc is coming out Trails of Cold Steel IV known in Japan as End of Saga.


I find this subtitle quite fitting for the game. Its also quite fitting as this looks alongside Cyberpunk to be my last hyped game of the generation. Honestly, its the last really hyped game for a while until Hajimari no Kiseki gets its (hopefully) inevitable localization announcement.

Honestly, with everything else going on games have been quite a welcome distraction. I am sure I am not alone in this and the Legend of Heroes games are pretty much tailor made for me. So having this huge game, if you’re a fan of the franchise you know what I mean by “huge”, is quite nice.


For Today’s Suggested Topics:

  • Are you a Legend of Heroes fan? If so let me know how you got your start with the franchise? Sky trilogy, Cold Steel, or you some kind of weird savant and went in with the non-officially-localized Crossbell duology.
  • I’ve asked before and I’ll ask again. What are you guys hyped for in the coming weeks and months. Besides gaming Aggretsuko Season 3 dropping tomorrow and Lucifer Season 5 are welcome additions to my content Library.
  • Anyone going to see films if its safe. I’m kinda shocked I’ll be seeing both Tenent and The New Mutants in the next seven days. I kind of did not expect either.
  • Bonus Question/Tangent! Anyone watching the revived Eco-Challenge on Amazon Prime? I loved those special series as a kid and its back and I’m super happy for it.

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