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Open Forum: Food Food Food

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I’ve been on a food eating binge since I decided to hop on a plane and move some few thousand miles to the west. Some of you might know I’m a hipster, but that’s not the important part, what matters is that one of the defining traits of being a hipster is going out and spend the money you don’t have on food.


The good thing for me (and my wallet) is that I’ve been cooking a lot at home. From old favorite recipes to ummm brand new things I’ve never prepared before, and yet... every single time I step out of the apartment I get blasted with scents, colors, textures! This city is full of things I have never tried and it’s extremely refreshing.

You see food for me is not just the thing that keeps me alive because of things like nutrients and energy, food... feeds me in a way no other thing does (well... music does get super close tho).

...I know, I know... I’m BS’ing myself and trying to BS you all.

For today’s topic let’s answer a few quick questions:

  • What’s your favorite food? What does it taste like? How does it make you feel? Can you prepare it at home?
  • Do you usually go out to try new and interesting things?
  • Are you a hipster like me? Do you also take pics of your food... if so please share!
  • Have you had anything to eat today?

Today’s Jam is has nothing to do with food but it’s still a pretty awesome track:

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