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PS: I suck at Chem

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Hello everyone, it’s that time again where the great Nior comes to make you some company! So how are you doing this week? I’ve been nervous, my entrance exams are less than two months away, and the pressure is starting to get to me. This is obviously important so I can’t afford to mess it up. But let’s not talk about that for now.So I got into Guilty Gear once again. I was already playing Accent Core on the PSP like crazy for the past two weeks, but now I grabbed me a copy of Revelator, two new controllers for the PS3 (last one short-circuited) and I’m having a blast playing it with my brother. He still somehow manages to beat me. I also watched a little bit of Rock In Rio. Was not particularly impressed by the lineup, but hey, The Who was there so it was not all for nothing. And still on the fighting game subject, DBFZ just got ma boy Tien announced and I’m going to main the hell outta him!

SO! For today I want to hear about your cool/sad/funny school stories! Let me share one that happened right at the end of my middle school years. We were tasked with making a chem experiment to demonstrate electrolysis (or whatever it called the one where we demonstrate electricity moving through water using salt). So we reunite at school, get our materials and start working. We are almost done with it, all that’s left is to run energy through the system. So we went to the gym because there was a 220 V plug there we could use.


That was a mistake.

The moment I plug in the power, the whole thing SHORT CIRCUITED! There were sparks! Loud noises! The female basketball team was practicing at the time and the girls freaked out! The teacher scolded me so hard! The wire frigging melted and I’m pretty sure it is still glued to the gym’s floor to this day! CHAOS!

So the next time we did the experiment, we used small batteries. I also was not allowed to be unsupervised inside the chem lab anymore. I wonder why. So ye...

Now go on! Tell me about you fun schooltimes! But if you don’t wanna talk about that here are some other topics:

  • What’s the food that you just can’t get enough of?
  • Favorite comedian or comedy movie?
  • Most hated video game level?
  • Space Car or Space Bike?
  • For my fighting game fans out there, how do you deal with thumb pain? I could use some help here.

Now go forth! Go and SCIENCE Talk Amongst Yourselves!

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