I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Buenos dias, TAY <3

December is here, the calendar year is nearly over... and I still haven’t played Persona 5 or Nier Automata. With 2017 being so good for gaming, it’s no wonder I have missed out on so many great games. Sure we’ve had a few flops here and there, but overall this year has graced us with wonderful titles for every single genre. whether it’s the indie wonders of Cuphead and A Hat in Time or the big dev offerings from Nintendo, Sega, Atlus, Bethesda, etc.

It’s been such a good year that some of the “lesser” titles have just simply dissipated without a trace. So in today’s forum... let’s remember those forgotten titles :)

Today’s random topic/questions are all food related:

  • Tell me your underrated game from 2017?
  • Which game have you ignored completely during the current year?
  • What’s the better color Red, Green, Blue or Yellow? 
  • What’s your favorite holiday recipe?
  • Tell me a joke, TAY!

Today’s song will make you tap your feet and dance til’ you fall asleep:

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