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Open Forum: HABBOl Edition

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Good morning TAY and Happy Monday <3 Over the weekend I got hooked up on A Hat in Time. If you haven’t heard about the “cute as heck” 3D platformer in the last four years (specially around here on TAY) then...


Simply put... before Mario Odyssey comes out in less than two weeks, Hat might be the best platformer of the year. It has charm, great music, fun level design and the controls are excellent! I don’t do this often but I’m afraid I’m going to have to quote Dracula from the Castlevania Perfect Selection album, this game is sooooooo gooooooood!

Without spoiling too much, the image above is taken from Act 2 from the Dead Bird Studio Chapter, where a group of “express owls” harass you into answering you about very specific questions, which I’m totes using it for today’s topics!

Today’s random questions are:


  • What is your favorite combination of letters and numbers?
  • What is your uncle’s sister maiden name?
  • If you had a pet, what do you think the name of your pet childhood pet’s would be? 
  • If you were a superhero, what would your name be, if entered in an online form with standardized account identification requirements?
  • Which body part of your are you most ashamed of, fellow express owl?
  • And last but not least...

You might already know my answers, but lemme hear yours! It’s all for science... or something! Also go buy this game now, but in case you need a little more insight on Hat, you might want to read Cleon’s review <3


Today’s jam will make make you dream about hats, mafias and express owls:

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