I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Call me Ishmael. You know how this story goes.

Recently, I was playing The Last Remnant a game I have played many times over three versions for more then a decade. However, every time I have played for one reason or another I have never been able to beat certain Super Bosses in the game. They were in many ways my white whales, so when it was announced The Last Remnant would be getting a Remastered edition of course I was going to to try to finish these guys off.


Monday night, after more then a decade of trying, I finally succeed in taking down these enemies. The Enlightened Seven - a gauntlet battle against seven of the hardest bosses in the game in supped up form. The Lost - a timed battle where you only have five turns to win. Last but not least The White Conqueror. The strongest boss in the game bar none.

While it took me five tries, with some luck, and a refined strategy when I finally took him down I was ecstatic. With it all that was left was finishing the final boss (him again but weaker) and the Platinum Trophy was mine. I had after a decade of playing FINALLY finished this game for real. Good timing too, as Kingdom Heart 3 came out the next day.


So some topics for today:

  • Any bosses that have eluded you for years and you REALLY want to take them down.
  • Are you enjoying the spate of remasters as much as I am?
  • If so what game do you think is ripe for a rerelease?

If none of those piques your interest why don’t you Talk Amongst Yourselves?

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