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Open Forum: I Have The Powaaaaaaa!

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I volunteered last week to steal the open forum. Evan granted me emergency powers because he can’t make it and I will never give them up. YOU CAN’T MAKE ME!


So, I finally broke down and went against every fiber of my being and signed up for PS+ when Bloodborne The Old Hunters came out last week. It isn’t a real Souls game unless you can play online after all. I had gone all this year not getting PS+ and quite frankly I feel terrible about supporting pay-for-online-play. To make matters even better, yesterday it was announced that the Bloodborne servers would be down for a few days for emergency maintenance. So I hate my life.

That leads us to today’s topic(s).

1. When have you finally given in and gone against everything you stood for? Did it work out for you or did the servers get shut down?

2. Now that we’re back to Yharnam, what is your favorite memory from playing Bloodborne thus far? Mine is the first time I beat Ebrietas, she was kicking my ass for the better part of two days (no multiplayer because I had refused to buy PS+) and when I finally broke through I nearly cried. Don’t judge me.

Feel free to talk about those or anything else.

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