I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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During the past few weeks I’ve been without a proper internet connection. I’ve managed to survive by relying on old tricks of using that disgusting Xfinity Wifi that lingers around every residential area of S. Florida. As much as I hate Comcast (it’s complicated), that small sample of net saved me from the hellhole I call my temporary “home”. Comcast’s free internet was good enough for checking Twitter and keeping up with friends and family, but not good enough to stream video. No Twitch. YouTube at 144p (which might as well be white noise at that rez) and Netflix would get stuck at the 25% loop all the time.

That’s when I remember I had a TV antenna...

I don’t think anyone around here has noticed it... but TV sucks, peeps. Telemundo still has a programme that consists of 50% telenovelas, 30% celebrity gossip shows, 25% paid for TV programming, 10% morning shows with footballs and clowns as the host, and 5% of birthday pictures to the tune of Celia Cruz. It truly is terrible and don’t get me started on the other TV stations, I’m looking at you CBS and the latest Big Ban Theory, Tween Sheldon in Paris.


But in all the chaos a beam of shining light appeared in the form of the three first letters of the Alphabet, in it there was a new contender that... well when I heard the premise, I knew I HAD to watch. It goes like this:

What if the FBI hired an illusionist?

Today’s question/topics are not magic tricks:

  • What’s the worst new TV show you’ve seen lately?
  • How about the best? I am back with a decent net and a free month of Hulu.
  • Is Amaury “Papi” Nolasco the best Puerto Rico has to offer on TV?
  • What’s your favorite magic trick?
  • Give me your best GOB gifs, TAY.

Today’s Jam is his royal highness’ new groove:

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