I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Ever had a fever so high you could fry an egg on your forehead? Cause I did last week and let me tell you guys, it’s every bit as painful as it sounds like. But forget that, it’s Forum time, I’m back and I hope you’re having a dandy week.


Actually, there is one good thing that came from that fever. I was really sick and ended up going to the hospital. The doctor had me stay in the observation room while the medicine took effect, and there I met a most curious stranger. It was this really fat old man (like a sphere) and he just, kept, complaining and refusing his medicine for some reason? I hate to admit but it was actually pretty amusing to watch and it made my stay less boring. My favorite moment was when he went on a tangent about how he wishes he had five wives cause his current one was a “capital b*tch”. What an absolute legend!

Anyway, Questions!

  • How’s the week?
  • What’s the weirdest/funniest experience you ever had with a stranger?
  • A bad game you can’t stop playing?

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