I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Morniiing TAY! How’s everyone doing? I have nothing to talk about today...

Sure I’ve been busy, between the 4th, a couple of job interviews, relatives visiting, dying in the heatwave, resurrection 12 hours later, going to a Obon Festival only to be disappointed and then returning to the same event to get my disappointment reversed.


It’s been a busy week, yes, but I don’t feel like talking about anything in specific. Unless you peeps want to talk about ice cream? :O

Cause that saved me during this scorching weekend, and it was the best!

A week ago, one of my local ice cream shops unveiled their new flavors for the month of July. It’s a very berry flavored month with ice creams ranging from goat cheese base with berries and habanero to a returning favorite, birthday cake with blackberries. All of the flavors are amazing and bold... and also very hipster (maybe that’s why I like them so much...).


So if you’re ever around here in the west, go look for a Salt & Straw, you won’t regret it :) also... pardon for the super duper late post T.T

Today’s questions are... just questions, nothing special about them:

  • How was your weekend, TAY?
  • Bought any new games in the Steam Summer Sale?
  • What’s your favorite ice cream store? What’s your favorite flavor?
  • How do you fight the incessant summer heat waves?

Today’s song is a new (the album was released in 2017, but I just heard about it) song from one of my favorite music projects:

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