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Open Forum: Is it a Holiday Today?

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Good morning TAY! Last week someone asked me what makes a song spooky. At the time I really had no proper answer to their question... but today, well I kinda have an answer.


There are many ways to make a song spooky or uneasy. One of the ways is via the instruments chosen to perform a particular song. Case in point the Dark Bloo Inn in Paper Mario Color Splash. When exploring the haunted hotel

I could try my best to explain what makes this song so unsettling, but I’ll let the expert at 8-bit music do his job:

I know I’m cheating here by not giving a proper answer to the aforementioned question, but to be fair... I know nothing about music. I just love it.

For today’s topic... well let’s not have any particular topic, just share whatever you want to share today <3

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