I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Hey TAY it me again. Anyone ever just go outside and look at a local body of water? Is there a tree nearby where you work or live that just puts your mind at ease or helps you regain your focus? It’s still pretty cold out at the moment so a lot of the rivers and lakes are mostly frozen over and snow covered at the moment. Most od the trees that aren’t cone based are barren and dormant at the moment too. Still while at work when I get a break I like to go and look out at the river. It’s snow covered but It is still relaxing. Do you know what I mean?

Are there any nature things that just put you at ease or do you just want to stay indoors, and touch a window while it rains outside? That’s cool too I often find myself at night putting a hand to the cold glass of my window while I lay in bed. Is that weird? Eh whatever I know you folks aren’t super judgmental I would still like to hear your thoughts on stuff like that though.


So just to reiterate:

  • What is nature to you?
  • Is there a thing you really enjoy looking at like rivers, trees, grass, and flowers?
  • Would you sit by the river with me?

Here is another song I have been liking:

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