I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Open Forum: Let's Do The Odyssey!

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Good morning TAY! IT’S TIME! The Odyssey is about to sail into our lives and oh buoy I am excited. In fact I am so excited I’m already expecting the game to disappoint me...

Okay I tried doing a thing where I take an old OF that has no relation to today’s topic, other than both games share one word in their title, and make it seem like it’s a new thing. But I failed, like my numerous attempts at playing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey as if it was a stealth game.


So yeah, Odyssey fell under my radar a week ago and I decided to cave in and give it a try and it’s surprisingly good. After my last two attempts at enjoying Assassins Creed failed to spark that old flame I used to have with the series, I decided to take a break. I thought it was more of a me problem since I was no longer enjoying exploring the cities that the game offered me (to be fair... London sucks as a setting). Coincidentally my break from the series happened the same year Ubisoft decided to take a break too (Ubi is my soulmate or something).

So two years have passed, I ignored Origins for no apparent reason, and now I find myself sucked into some war about Greece or something and some cults and ships and... I am loving* my time with the game.


*Not exactly loving but at least it is a nice distraction.

Today’s questions/topics are the only remains of me trying to reuse that old OF content:

  • What is your favorite Mario Assassin’s Creed title?
  • Of all the cities/countries that a AC game has taken place in, which one you want to visit the most? 
  • Ezio, that pirate dude from Black Flag or the twins from the London game, which one is the best? 
  • Of course Odyssey isn’t the only big release this season, which other release are you looking forward the most?

Today’s jam is ummm something I heard the other day while wandering around the city:

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