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Good morning TAY! IT’S TIME! The Odyssey is about to sail into our lives and oh buoy I am excited. In fact I am so excited I’m already expecting the game to disappoint me...


I think I should get off the hype train cause it really is affecting my grasp on reality. Joking aside, I have prepared myself for this event by playing every single mainline Mario title for the past month, and let me tell yuh: Sunshine is better than I remember (I still hate the blue coins tho). Galaxy isn’t as better as I remember and Galaxy 2 is definitely the best one. I’ve explored so many worlds, revisited forgotten kingdoms and saved many princesses...

Which brings me to my next point, I think one of the reasons why I am so excited about Odyssey is to hear references about those long forgotten places from Mario’s past adventures, Like Sarasaland, which is the one Kingdom you explore in Super Mario Land and whose reigning princess is none other than Daisy.

But of course.... it’s Nintendo and we know well enough that they might just ignore everything that came before this game.... Welp.


Today’s random questions are:


  • What is your favorite Mario title?
  • Of the Kingdoms shown in the map above which one you want to visit the most?
  • Cappy, FLUDD or Luma? 
  • Which one is the best princess?
  • Where’s is Luigi?
  • Of course Odyssey isn’t the only big game coming out this week, there’s also the new AC game, the new Wolfenstein and much more.... so other than Mario, which other release are you looking forward the most?

I’m really excited, between my endless hours of Mario titles, and A Hat in Time, I feel this has been a great year for the return of the 3D platformer, and hopefully it opens up the path for more great adventures!

Today’s jam will is perfectly fit for a Zarnyx (I swear it ain’t One Up Girl):

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