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Hello there TAY. It’s that time again for me to assume direct control and as usual, I hope you’re doing just swell! So, how have you guys been enjoying your summer? Or is it already past summer up there on States? I’m not too sure how your summer vacation works. But mine is about to end in a week, maybe two, depending on how well I can procrastinate. While that doesn’t happen, I got some video games to remove from my backlog, including but not limited to Valkyrie Chronicles (funny how I never seem to finish that game), Persona 5 (as I write this, I just finished Palace four in a single in-game day. And I just want to hug Futaba and tell her everything will be daijobu), NieR: Automata (I finally got a new graphics card, now I can play it with more than 20 fps!) and a little bit of a gem from the SNES you might not know called Terranigma (Blood Mary can go eff herself! For real, what a broken boss!)


And let me tell you that, in regards to the last two, I found them to be more enjoyable now than when I first played them. Granted, NieR: Automata is one of those games that slowly reveals itself to you, getting better (than it already is) the more you progress, like one of those escape the room puzzles that I also happen to be quite fond of. People tell me shit gets real after ending B, so I can’t wait to finish it! And Terranigma has just a great plot and the way the world changes as you get closer and closer to uncovering its mysteries just hooks me. Also, here’s some sweet jazz to brighten up your morning.

That said, today’s topic is exactly that: To you, what are the things that get better with time? Not necessarily as they get older, but as you get to know them too. Besides the already mentioned Terranigna and NieR: Automata there is a series near and dear to my heart that some of you from the 90's might remember called The Legacy Of Kain. The rich dialogue, the epic storyline, the acting, my God! The series is always on sale on GOG, so I recommend it to anyone looking. Just be aware that the story is unfortunately incomplete and may never be finished, and the gameplay hasn’t aged well and is most definitely a product of its time (Especially Soul Reaver with its endless block puzzles). A shame, because it ends in such a fantastic cliffhanger as well. The CGI also aged pretty well in my opinion. Check a look:

So what about you? Get down to the comments and share it away. Or anything really. As long as we Talk Amongst Yourselves!

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